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our GOAL

Complete customer satisfaction with decades of experience.

Aventura Auto tag Agency is proud to offer a team of professional and experienced staff in the auto tag industry. Our goal is to provide you with a quick, accurate and reliable service. What ever your needs are getting your car registered or acquiring a new tag in Florida. We will provide you with the fastest and most satisfactory type of service.

All of our services are provided efficiently by our professional bilingual staff with minimal wait time. We are fully qualified and authorize by Dade County to operate and work with our clientele.

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Register to print temporary tags and do metal plate transfers directly at your dealership with RFlorida ETR temp. tag service.

This service is for Florida licensed dealers only.


Special designs and customize auto tags.

In a world of individuality license plates have become more and more popular with Florida drivers. Whether you want to save the world, honk for family values or just get an accessible parking place; We are here to help you!

Personalized License Plates

Personalized license plates issued by the FL DHSMV allow you to create your own custom tag number.

Special Design Tags in Florida

In addition to standard license plates, twe offers a wide range of specialty license plates with special designs.

FL Military License Plates

Specialty license plates for military veterans and service members are also available in Florida.

Historic & Custom Vehicle Plates

Antique or Historic Vehicle plates for your Vehicles.

Authenticated License Plates

Authentic Florida plate from the same year as the vehicle since 1974


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